SOCIN 2019

The year 2020 has marked a dramatical change in public life caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that has affected social, political and economic relations globally.International interdisciplinary scientific conference Sustainability in the Face of the Global Crisis is aimed to analyze, present and discuss the theoretical assumptions of modern society and the practical socio-economic challenges caused by COVID-19 virus.Discussions will take place in the following streams: 1) Justice, Security and Human Rights; 2) Social and information technologies; 3) Sustainable Development; 4) Quality of Life; 5) Values; 6) Ensuring the Well-being and Healthy Lifestyle; 7) Young Researchers’ Forum.The streams will cover the following topics: Social justice; Remote courts; Remote dispute resolution and conflict resolution; Individual security; Community, urban and national security; Information security; Economic security; Human rights; Protection of migrants and asylum seekers; Distance learning; Distance schools; Online studies; Distance research; Remote communities; Remote public sector; Remote work; Remote services (business) for the public; Environmental protection; Climate change; Sustainable urban environment; Health; Social, demographic and psychological behavior of the population; Psychological well-being of all ages; Citizens’ responsibility; Ensuring equal opportunities; Organizational culture and activities; European and national values ​​in 2020; Freedom; Democracy; “Strict hand”; Open society; Closed society; Globalization; Localization; Entertaining lifestyle; Decision making; Trust; Global counterfeiting?

Conference streams

Stream 1: Justice, Security and Human Rights;

Stream 2: Social and Information Technologies;

Stream 3: Sustainable Development;

Stream 4: Quality of Life;

Stream 5: Values;

Stream 6: Ensuring the Well-being and Healthy Lifestyle;

Stream 7: Young Researchers’ Forum.

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